COVID-19 Care

We are open 24/7 for your Emergency and COVID-19 needs.

During your evaluation, you have the option of a PCR or Rapid test which is resulted in 2-4 hours.

COVID-19 Business Testing

Kingwood ER is committed to keeping your workplace healthy:

  • We Can Test Your Employees Weekly
  • We Can Provide Pre-Employment Testing
  • We Can Provide Same Day Testing And Results For Any Employees With Symptoms Or Exposure To Covid-19
  • We Can Test Your Company At A Negotiated Rate

We Offer:

  • COVID-19 PCR Test
  • COVID-19 Antigen Test
  • COVID-19 Antibody Test
  • COVID-19 Monoclonal Antibody Treatment

SilverLake ER – Open 24/7