SEVERE EMERGENCY Center in Pearland, Tx


Urgent and life-threatening medical emergencies are considered severe, especially when it
involves difficulty breathing, open wounds due to vehicular accidents, cardiac arrest, and stroke,
among others. These emergencies can happen to both adults and children. When situations like
this happen, do not think twice and head to the nearest ER for immediate treatment.

Shortness of breath

Tightening of the chest, difficulty breathing, breathlessness, and feeling of suffocation.


Severe physical injuries that may require immediate resuscitation to save a life.

Cardiac Arrest

Occurs when the heart suddenly and unexpectedly stops pumping. This requires immediate cardiac life support.


Unable to respond to people and activities, commonly due to a comatose state.


A person’s airway suddenly gets either partly or fully blocked, resulting in difficulty breathing.

We also treat the following severe emergencies:

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