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Seek accurate detection, treatment, and monitoring of any medical condition with our advanced laboratory testing services that accurately measure your blood, urine, and body tissue samples in Pearland, Tx.

Medical testing center in Pearland, Texas


Medical testing is an essential step to knowing any condition. After a consultation, your doctor will likely require you to undergo a series of laboratory tests that can confirm any underlying ailment that you may have based on your symptoms. 

Your healthcare provider may request standard laboratory screening such as blood count, urinalysis, lipid profile, and thyroid tests.

Once your doctor receives the results, a treatment plan is devised immediately, which includes prescribing medications. Depending on the findings, additional examinations, such as imaging tests, may be further required. 

Aether Health – SilverLake ER maintains a full-service medical testing center available to meet your laboratory requirements. Talk to us to learn how we can help you with our services. 

Quality laboratory services in Pearland

We take pride in having a facility open to accept a doctor’s requests for laboratory services. 

Our flexibility is our long-standing commitment to the people of Pearland and neighboring districts as a premiere lab center partner that they can depend on anytime for all lab testing needs. 

How our lab services helps

We are here to help patients and doctors receive detailed lab results fastly and conveniently and driven out of integrity and ethical conduct.

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Outstanding laboratory services

We are committed to providing advanced laboratory services by developing new ways to improve patient outcomes.

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Aids physicians for excellent patient care

We are here to respond to physicians’ requests for authentic and meticulously studied laboratory specimens.

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Precise treatment plan

All findings are released at the quickest possible time, with minimal waiting to give our doctors more time to create an effective treatment plan.

Finding advanced laboratory services?
Visit Aether Health - SilverLake ER in Pearland, Tx, and experience our fast lab results.

Our diagnostic laboratory services

Our laboratory testing services encompass a wide range of specimen analysis done in a safe environment.

COVID-19 Testing

Testing for COVID-19 virus through a swab or rapid antigen test.

Cardiac Enzymes

Blood test that inspects biomarkers that may show signs of a heart problem.


A blood screening that detects Epstein-Barr virus in the antibodies which may cause herpes.

RSV Testing

Detects respiratory syncytial virus through a fluid sample taken from the nose. 


Also called as rapid influenza diagnostic tests, this examination detects flu through a swab sample.

Basic Metabolic Panel

A blood test involves a series of biochemical analysis to check your body’s metabolic state.

Complete Blood Count

Also known as a full blood count, CBC reveals the condition of your white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets.

Liver Panel

Measurement of different enzymes, proteins, and other substances in the liver to assess any malfunction or damage in the organ.


Physical and chemical evaluation of urine test strips to detect diseases such as urinary tract infections, kidney disease and diabetes


Rapid antigen detection test for bacterial pharyngitis.

At Aether Health - SilverLake ER, diagnostic lab tests are performed by trained technicians and analyzed by experienced pathologists.

Medical laboratory testing in Pearland, Tx

Our goal is to help improve patient care by being a reliable medical testing laboratory complete with cutting-edge equipment and expert medical staff.

Head to Aether Health – SilverLake ER for all your medical laboratory testing needs in Pearland, Tx. Our medical technologists are ready to assist you with any doctor’s request and give you the results as soon as possible to facilitate prompt treatment.

How much do our laboratory tests cost

The cost of your laboratory procedures depends on the type of lab test your doctor requires. Talk to us at Aether Health – SilverLake ER to learn about our laboratory test services and their costs.

Why choose Aether Health - SilverLake ER for your lab tests in Pearland?

Our emergency room is a full-service medical facility that can detect, treat, and manage conditions in the most urgent circumstances.

A skilled surgical team collaborating with precision during a surgery procedure.

Freestanding ER

We are an emergency room facility with an onsite laboratory and diagnostic center available 24/7 to cater to any medical need.

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High-quality equipment

We maintain state-of-the-art laboratory equipment that aids our specialists in generating comprehensive data for the medical management of patients.

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Dedicated lab tests experts

Our medical technologists are the leading lab experts in Pearland, Tx. We have a pool of specimen specialists who are knowledgeable in analyzing biological samples.

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No waiting time

You do not have to wait hours to get your findings. The results of your samples are given in less than an hour.


Clinical laboratory services are a range of healthcare services relating to laboratory procedures, including detailing information and collection and lab tests on specimens. The facility also covers the recording of lab test findings and the delivery of results to the doctor or the patient.

Outpatient laboratory services refer to laboratory procedures conducted without hospital admission. Procedures, including X-rays, blood draws, specimen drop-off, and urinalysis, are given on schedule in various outpatient settings.

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