Choking Medical Emergency Care in Pearland

Our responsive and alert medical team at Aether Health - SilverLake ER in Pearland, TX is experienced and knowledgeable in providing prompt care for choking emergencies.

Emergency Room for Blocked Airway Problem

At Aether Health – SilverLake ER, our compassionate staff will strive to provide the highest quality of care for your blocked airway problem. We utilize state-of-the-art technology and follow the latest evidence-based practices in diagnosing and treating choking emergencies.

Don't wait until it's too late.

Our team is trained to provide immediate and effective care—from assessing breathing ability to providing oxygen therapy if necessary to administer first aid for an obstructed airway—to prevent further complications. We are committed to responding promptly and competently to any choking emergency, regardless of severity.

We understand how frightening a choking emergency can be, and we want you to know we are here to help. Don’t hesitate or wait until it’s too late; contact us today if you believe you or a loved one are experiencing a choking emergency.

How We Handle Choking Treatment in Pearland, Tx

As part of our first aid protocol, a choking patient will be placed comfortably, with their head and neck slightly raised. We then assess the patient’s breathing ability and may administer oxygen therapy if necessary to help the person breathe easier. 

If the blockage is not dislodged by coughing or other means, our medical team is trained to perform abdominal thrusts (commonly known as the Heimlich maneuver) to clear the airway.

If you or someone else experiences a choking emergency, don’t hesitate—seek medical attention right away. Contact Aether Health – SilverLake ER in Pearland, TX today for more information or to schedule an appointment.  We are here to provide the care and support you need during this distress.  Together, we can help ensure a safe recovery.

We understand that choking emergencies can be stressful and overwhelming. That's why our team is committed to providing compassionate care and support to both the patient and their loved ones.

Choking symptoms and signals

There are a few common signs and symptoms to look out for if you or someone else is experiencing a choking emergency. These include:

Inability to talk or breathe
Difficulty speaking, coughing or breathing
Gasping for air
Fainting/loss of consciousness

If you recognize any of the above signals, seek medical attention immediately at Aether Health – SilverLake ER in Pearland. We are committed to providing the highest quality of care for your medical emergency and will strive to ensure you receive prompt effective treatment. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Causes of choking

There can be several random and minor reasons why someone may experience a choking emergency, including:

Eating large pieces of food without breaking it down enough to swallow
Trying to eat or drink too quickly
Having dentures that are loose and can obstruct the airway
Choking on an object or piece of food that is lodged in the throat
Ingesting poisonous substances

If you or a loved one is experiencing a choking emergency, trust us to provide the prompt and effective care you need.

Choking risk factors

A choking episode can become severe or deadly if not treated and managed correctly. Other risk factors can include:


Infants and young children are more likely to choke due to their immature swallowing reflexes and lack of coordination.

headache after flu shot
Physical condition

People with physical disabilities, weak muscles, or poor oral control can be at higher risk for choking.

Substance abuse

Alcohol or drug use can increase the risk of choking by causing impaired judgment and coordination.

UV rays exposure
Mental health

People with poor mental health or cognitive impairment are likely to choke due to difficulty following instructions, understanding the consequences of their actions, and using caution when eating or drinking.

Choking complications

Choking can lead to a variety of complications, including death. Other than that, a choking episode can lead to:

Brain damage due to lack of oxygen
Swallowing difficulties, including aspiration
Interference in the digestive system, leading to vomiting and nausea
Trauma or injury to the neck and throat area

Aether Health – SilverLake ER is committed to providing comprehensive care and treatment for choking emergencies. Our experienced medical team is trained to assess the situation and offer various services and treatments that can help reduce further risks or complications.

Prompt and Effective Care You Need

Aether Health – SilverLake ER in Pearland, Texas is committed to providing you with the prompt and effective care that you need when an illness or injury arises. Our experienced staff and board-certified physicians are dedicated to offering comprehensive emergency medical services for a variety of conditions. 

We understand the importance of quick, effective treatment and strive to provide the best care possible.

Why You Should Visit Aether Health - SilverLake ER for a Choking Problem in Pearland, Tx

Choosing our emergency care team at Aether Health – SilverLake ER for a choking medical emergency means:

SilverLake ER building
Rapid response times

Our medical staff is trained to respond quickly and effectively in all medical emergencies, including choking incidents.

medical professionals
Comprehensive treatment plans

We strive to provide the best possible treatments and help reduce other risks or complications associated with a choking episode.

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Board-certified emergency physicians

Our emergency care team includes board-certified doctors, nurses, and highly trained clinicians to assess and treat any medical problem.

a female doctor smiling and an old man giving a thumbs up
Compassionate support and comfort

We provide a welcoming, comforting, and reassuring environment regarding a medical emergency such as choking.


Choking is a medical emergency when an object, such as food or a toy, gets stuck in the airway and blocks your breathing.

The best way to prevent choking is to take the necessary safety precautions. Always supervise young children when eating, avoid running or playing with objects in their mouths, and make sure that all toys are age-appropriate.

The steps are slightly different when administering CPR to an unresponsive adult choking victim. You should first call 911 and try to dislodge the object with back blows or abdominal thrusts. After attempting to remove the object, begin chest compressions and rescue breaths.

If you find yourself choking on saliva while sleeping, it is important to stay calm and seek medical help. You can also do abdominal thrusts to dislodge any saliva that is stuck in your throat. If the case escalates, it may be the best time to call us at Aether Health – SilverLake ER.

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